nolan + jackie

Austin, TX

This post is a bit surreal and so near to our hearts. Jackie is one of my best friends (Kate). She was my roommate and companion the two years I lived in the Delta,  the one who vetted the Kentucky boy who kept showing up at our door, and the gal who first introduced me to Chick Fil A. She's a life changer. And of course, she couldn't have found a better partner than Nolan. Their passions and personalities so perfectly compliment each other and together they are quite the duo. And so we ventured down to the beautiful hill country of Texas to witness and celebrate their covenant. It was a weekend affair of wine tasting, Tex-Mex, and late night hangs. The intimacy of the weekend and their ceremony along the river mirrored such beauty and love.We can't wait to see what's in store for them and how they will be used in the years ahead. Them together make us so happy. Best wishes to you, Deans! Texas Forever!